zero-mania, the admin of this blog, would like to welcome to Collector’s Corner!!

With permission of original uploaders and subbers we are collecting and sharing subbed videos of DBSK and JYJ for fans worldwide.

Please follow the rules:
1- Please leave a comment when you are taking a file
2- Do not hotlink
3- Do not upload videos on streaming sites
4- Do not remove the tag of subbing team
5- No bashing any member and TVXQ and JYJ’s fans.
6- Respect the Admins, we are working hard for you

Thank you very much for reading =)

If you have any problems with videos or you want to report the broken link, contact me by email: sharingcollector@gmail.com

P.S. About tags
To make it easier in the future we will use the following abbreviations:
DBSK: all five members
JYJ: Junsu – Yoochun – Jaejoong
TVXQ: Yunho – Changmin

4 thoughts on “Welcome!!

  1. I would like to thank you for creating a blog like this one! Thanks to you, I can watch videos of DBSK and JYJ and discover new broadcasts that I did not know
    Thank you so much for all the work you do and for your hard work !!!
    You sell the dream! Thanks again and good luck, Fightiiiing !!!

  2. oh my gosh..just when i thought there’s no way to re-collect dbsk’s videos, i found your blog!! (i lost my external HD just a week ago, along with my soul T___T) so thank you for the hard work in collecting the video of the boys’ awesome work!

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