** JYJ

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091109 Heaven’s Postman – Press Conference
091121 Mnet Asia Music Award – Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun


100604 Happy Music with Junsu

100912 Golden Ticket Awards 2010 – Best Male Musical Actor (Kim Junsu)

101012 JYJ Showcase in Seoul – Talk about new idols
101014 JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Bangkok Press Conference Part1 and 2
101016 JYJ Press conference in Singapore [xin.msn]
101016 JYJ Press conference in Singapore [RazorTVStraitsTimes]
101016 JYJ Press conference in Singapore [tiffanysj]
101017 JYJ in Malaysia Showcase
101025 JYJ ‘s Showcase [ShowBiz Extra]

101107 JYJ Showcase @ Shanghai
101112 JYJ New York Showcase-Talk Session
101112 JYJ Showcase @ New York (Questionare), LJ link
101119 JYJ in LA
101128 JYJ – twitter talk [Worldwide Concert in Seoul]

101216 – JYJ Secret Show Interview MTVK-LIVE part 1, part 2, LIVE – Be my girl
101219 JYJ at Fansign Even
101220 JYJ Fansign – Junsu admits he needs “it”
101221 JYJ Official Website Opening
101225 Jaejoong – INTERMODULATION Photobook Off, LJ link
101231 JYJ – KBS2 Guerilla Date
101231 KBS Drama Awards – Best couple


110105 Yoochun in News ‘Girlfriend Parody’
110109 Happy New Year Message from JYJ
110110 Xiah Junsu & Haeri – SSTV Tears of Heaven Open Rehearsal
110113 SSTV JYJ At FLL KOREA Press Conference
110119 JYJ – SBS Good Morning
110126 JYJ – MBN Interview
120127 Yoochun Ottogi Ramyun CF Making
120127 Yoochun – Ottogi Ramyun Fansign Event
110127 MBC 7 Days of Miracles – Junsu
110129 JYJ lotte premium in Seoul part 1 and 2

110207 MBC9 News – Yoochun
110211 MBN Celebrity Magazine VIP
110214 – Happy Valentine’s Day with JYJ
110217 MBC morning news about JYJ’s physical checkup
110218 KBS news Court decision on SM injunctions
110220 The JYJ’s Part at Magazine ONE on MBC everyone
110225 JYJ MBN VIP X-File
110227 K-Best JYJ [Japan TV]

110312 JYJ Fan Meeting DVD – White Day Fanmeeting in Seoul [teasers]
110314 JYJ’s message to japanese fans
110315 JYJ part in KBS Donation for Japan
110317 News about Yoochun’s upcoming drama in MBC NEWS TODAY
110317 News about JYJ’s donation in MBC NEWS TODAY
110318 ELLE Movie Still with Jaejoong
110323 Jaejoong in Thailand @ Bang Channel
110328 Jaejoong on Tonight Show

110404 JYJ in Thailand on ‘Nine Entertain’ Special Interview, LJ link
110410 JYJ Showcase – The beginning in Turkey- JYJ on Turkish Music Channel
110411 Yoochun Tio Ice Tea CF and Making, LJ link
110414 JYJ Nii Interview
110416 JYJ in Thailand on ’3 For You’ Interview, LJ link
110420 Yoochun TiO TV CF, LJ link
110422 Every Night, at Night Ryu Dam calling Yoochun
110425 ETN JYJ Interview

110515 JYJ’s 2011 World Tour video greeting to fans
110517 MBC Dramatic – Jaejoong’s Cut
110517 MBC Dramatic – Yoochun’s Cut
110518 Miss Ripley Conference
110520 JYJ World Tour Concert 2011- Yoochun’s solo- I love you
110522 JYJ World Tour LA Press Conference Part 1 and 2
110526 47th Baeksang Award Best Newcomer Actor – Yoochun’s speech
110529 Lotte Duty Free CF – JYJ Version (30s), LJ link

110611 JinSang star Yoochun
110615 Park Sung Kwang mentioning JYJ’s Junsu on Sukira
110626 A Japanese fan’s account of JYJ concert in Gwangju
110626 [Star Date] JYJ Gwangju concert message
110628 JYJ on KBS Live Information Entertainment Times
110628 JYJ on KBS Live Information Entertainment Times – comment part 1 and 2

110707 Yoochun – Miss Ripley Interview
110709 Yoochun at Miss Ripley Fanmeeting
110710 Ripley NG
110711 Miss Ripley, Ratings No.1
110711 SKKS photoshoot and Interview
110711 Miss Ripley, Ratings No.1 LJ link
110712 Kim Jaejoong, Cure bacterial infections
110715 Gossip House Instyle Yoochun
110725 Eunhyuk about Junsu’s ‘s’ pronounciation and soondoobu incident
110727 Protect The Boss Press Conference – SSBnews
110727 Protect The Boss Press Conference – TV rip
110727 ‘Protect the Boss’ cast members’ comments
110727 Protect The Boss – Backstage part1, part2
110727 Protect the Boss Highlight
110728 Yoochun 2nd TiO CF, LJ link
110730 JYJ’s NII fanmeeting
110730 JYJ at NII Fan Party
110731 ‘Scent of a Woman’ Episode 5 preview – Junsu’s cameo

110801 SBS TV Morning Wide News – Jaejoong cut
110801 JYJ Lotte Duty free making [Japanese version], LJ link
110802 보스 새 예고 Protect the Boss 3rd trailer
110804 Best 5!! Male Idol Stars we’d love take a summer vacation with! – JUNSU
110807 Yoochun’s 3rd TiO CF, LJ link
110812 Junsu Yoochun – JYJ Photo exhibition MINE
110816 Protect The Boss NG Blooper
110816 Filming Protect the Boss – Jaejoong taking a “selca”\
110816 JYJ [Junsu Yoochun] at ICAAP10 Anniversary #1
110819 SBS Morning Wide – Jaejoong’s interview
110819 Good mornig Etn – Kim Jaejoong is the Most Beautiful Man in Asia, as Chosen by China
110826 JYJ in Busan after ICAAP10 Performance
110826 K-Pop Nacht 2011 – JYJ Shout Out
110830 MBC coverage of Yoochun at SDA press conference
110831 SIDA Yahoo Yoochun interview

110906 A Date with Yoochun [Fan meeting in Thailand]
110906 Morning Wide ‘In Heaven’ teaser
110907 Jaejoong Skating
110907 JYJ Do it Now CF + Making of, LJ link
110908 Morning news JYJ comeback
110909 JYJ News – Get out #1 in online charts
110910 JYJ JunSu FC MEN – Junsu & No.18 aka don’t touch duckbutt’s butt – Part 1, Part 2
110914 EunTeuk DJ imitating JYJ Yoochun and Junsu on Sukira
110915 JYJ – In Heaven MV
110926 Junsu segment @player
110927 JYJ IN HEAVEN QR Code Video Collection HD
110930 JYJ – PENZAL Q CF, LJ link

111003 ALL ABOUT JYJ # 9 GET OUT MV Making
111010 JYJ PenzalQ CF Making of, LJ link
111016 JYJ Unforgetable Live Concert in Japan
111016 JYJ documentary “Come on over JYJ Private” teaser
111016 JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan – Bridge screen (by Mahopa)
111017-111018 Yoochun – The Legend of Zelda Full version
111021 JYJ ‘In Heaven’ Fansign Event
111021 JYJ Melon Interview
111025 Singers who showed off their acting skills in MV
111026 Pops in Seoul – Idol stars and their flaws!
111026 TVN E-News – Richest Star In Their 20s #5 Park Yoochun
111027 Jaejoong’s Appearance on Kanghee’s Radio
111031 Come to play – Eunhyuk mentioning Junsu
111028 JUNSU – New Musical ‘엘리자벳’ (ELISABETH)’
111031 Yoochun – Black’ Smith endorsement

111103 SIA K Company directors in K-Dramas
111104 “Come on over, JYJ” Private DVD – comment
111104 JYJ Spain Concert on Japanese TV (BS Japan)
111105 JYJ Berlin Concert Press Conference
111105 DATV- Protect the Boss Cast Interview – Jaejoong
111106 JYJ in Barcelona, Spain and Berlin, Germany
111107 JYJ Shows their support for J-ONE
111109 HIGH CUT- Yoochun’s photoshoot
111113 “Come on over, JYJ” Teaser
111116 JYJ’s rehearsal in Berlin
111117 ALL ABOUT JYJ # 11 – GET OUT MV Making
111120 Song Jihyo, Park Yoohwan, JYJ for Share Happiness ELLE
111121 Come on over JYJ – Jeajoong teaser
111123 Reporter Paek Hyeonju talks about Jaejoong during a radio
111124 MEST – JYJ & Song JiHyo Interview
111125 Jaejoong’s Message to Fans for the Shanghai Fanmeet
111125 Come on over JYJ – Yoochun teaser
111126 In Heaven Special Edition – Get Out remix [Jaejoong’s cut]
111130 JYJ and Song Jihyo’s Song for MEST – No-Bully Classroom

111202 Come on over JYJ – Junsu teaser
111212 Musical Elizabeth – Junsu interview
111212 JYJ European tour 2011 [performance + press conference]
111216 Yoochun- Ottogi Noodle – Versions: Theather, 30sec, Cup noodles
111223 [COME ON OVER] JYJ Private DVD Breaking News
111223 JYJ Collection Card Making
111230 Park brothers at MBC Drama Award 2011 – Red carpet, Report and Interview
111231 Jaejoong at SBS Drama Awards 2011 – Red carpet, Self Camera, Acceptance Speech for Rookie Award


120104 JYJ NII Fanparty footages
120105 Top7 favorites of our overseas viewers
120108 JYJ YOUTUBE official grand opening
120109 JYJ 2011 KBS Best Icon Award
120112 JYJ’s Park Yoochun comes out as a prince in new drama series
120112 JYJ – ‘The Space Left for You’ [JYJ Official]
120114 JYJ in LOTTE Fanmeeting at STAR AVENUE Talk part FULL
120115 SBS Drama Awards rehearsal Jaejoong’s cut
120117 Junsu at Elisabeth’s Open Rehearsal
120117 FCMen – Messages from XIAH and JUNO
120119 Smoking Yoochun aka Yochun in Roosevelt in Hollywood
120129 KBS2 Ent pocketbook on Yuchun’s drama, LJ link

120202 JYJ message to Chile and Peru, LJ link
120205 Yuchun Miss Ripley comment, LJ link
120206 ALL ABOUT JYJ # 13 – QR Code Making [Yoochun], LJ link
120209 Yoochun’s Camera Test for Rooftop Prince, LJ link
120214 JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day LJ link
120220 JYJ -The Day- comment LJ link
120220 Rooftop Prince – Poster photoshoot F4 LJ link
120220 the Rooftop Prince – cast intro LJ link
120221 the Rooftop Prince – Behind the scenes 1 LJ link
120222 the Rooftop Prince photoshoot LJ link
120222 the Rooftop Prince teaser LJ link
120222 YStar News-Song Seung Heun, Kim Jae Joong, Drama cast LJ link
120223 JYJ – 2012 Spring NII Collection Making Film LJ link
120223 JYJ For NII Heart Campaign LJ link
120223 JYJ NII 2012 SPRING RU.N CF making LJ link
120223 Rooftop Prince filming LJ link
120223 Junsu Singles Magazine March Issue Making Film LJ link
120223 JYJ – NII Spring Interview LJ link

120430 TiO Teaser+CF 30sec

120502 JUNSU 1st Album teaser 02
120503 Jaejoong’s Message For Taiwanese Fans
120507 From JYJ
120511 JYJ Message for NII – Qoo10
120512 the Official Preview of Dr. Jin
120513 the Official Preview of Dr. Jin [ver.2]
120513 Junsu – TARANTALLEGRA MV [full version]
120517 Dr.Jin Press Conference
120519 Junsu’s solo album on Chinese news
120530 MBC Good Day Dr. Jin Special – Jaejoong Cuts

120601 Ottogi Ramen CF 15s
120602 Kissu Myeon CF Making Film
120604 the 6th Musical Award
120604 arirang showbiz – JYJ
120606 Weekly Idol – JYJ cut
120607 JYJ – Penzal Q TV CF [30sec]
120611 Kstar News Features XIA Junsu [full version]
120612 Junsu’s Greeting to Chinese Fans for 1st Asia Tour in Shanghai
120617 MBC Happy Time JYJ Jaejoong ‘Dr. Jin’ NG Scenes
120618 Jaejoong in Dr. Jin Episode 7 – Behind The Scenes & Interview
120623 Behind the Scene of “Dr. Jin” – Kim Kyung Tak’s Proposal Scene
120628 JYJ Membership WEEK

120706 JYJ Premiere Collection – Mahalo [3 Teasers] + HQ
120708 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong’s Family History
120712 Kim Jaejoong in “Dr Jin” BTS Episode 12
120720 Jaejoong’s iMBC Interview for Dr. Jin
120721 MBC Happy Time Dr. Jin NG
120725 Yoochun for Ottogi – talks about Olympic 2012

120816 JUNSU XIA (준수 영어 싱글) UNCOMMITTED MV
120821 XIA Junsu 1st World Tour Greetings
120824 2012 NII Autumn Collection Making Film with JYJ
120824 2012 NII Autumn Collection – Japanese message
120826 JYJ Jaejoong Dr. Jin NG
120827 Yoochun Asia Tour Fanmeeting Greetings for Shenzen (ft. Jaejoong and Junsu)
120830 K-Star News JYJ Nintendo event

120905 XIA Junsu NYC Exclusive Interview on eStar TV
120910 XIA Junsu’s Japanese Interview for Yorucli News Program in LA
120914 Y★Star: Jaejoong and Jihyo at the poster shooting for ‘Jackal’
120914 OBS Jaejoong about XXX scenes
120918 MTVK XIA interview
120919 Yuchun The Legend of Zelda TV CF
120925 Astar1 Magazine photoshoot feat. Junsu
120926 Park Yoochun casting confirmation in “I Miss You” drama

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  1. A week ago, i found this website.. and you know that i really.. really feel happy.. You did a wonderful job for us (their fans).. So.. thank you..

    But.. would you mind to reupload it on MF, because MU is not worked again now.. Thank you for your consideration…
    You’re DAEBAK!!!

  2. Regarding this JYJ clip from 12.02.14, I came across this on Youtube a few days ago (JYJ Happy Valentine’s Day) and wanted to know if I could download this. It says: Access Denied when I logged into my LJ.

    Do you happen to know what the password is to unlock this or ? Please let me know; thanks. 😀

  3. there’s a problem with 120220 Rooftop Prince – Poster photoshoot F4 LJ link

    D: says I don’t have access, do I have to do something else than a click? XD

    • We defiantly going to re-upload. Could you please comment in the post where the link is broken, so we can upload again asap =)

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